Monday, 2 June 2014

How To Quickly Root Tecno Phantom A+ F7 and N9 Pad

If you think of cheap android smartphones, you definitely would think of the Tecno Android devices. In this post,I will be teaching you how you can easily root your tecno F7 phantom A smartphone easily. Follow the below steps to learn how to root Tecno Phantom A+ F7 and N9 pad easily.

Rooting your android gives you a lot of user privileges and more to enjoy the most out of your Tecno F7 android device.

How To Root Phantom A+ F7 and N9 (Requirement and Steps)

Now to make the rooting operation of your Tenco phones successful, we need to follow the requirements and procedures to root the android device. Please follow the instructions well.

Requirement To Root Phantom A+ F7 and F9

To make this operation you will need two files to help you on how to root your Tecno Phantom A+ F7 and N9, so download this files as it will be necessary in the rooting process.
  1. Computer
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Download and Install    PdaNet+ from here  
  4. Download  Eroot From Here
  5. Original USB cable for your Tecno Device
These are what we will need to have a successful rooting of your Tecno Phantom A+

Steps Involved On How To Root Tecno Phantom A+ F7 and N9 Pad

  1. On your Tecno  Phantom do this go to Settings > Applications > Development. Note: if you don’t see the developers option on your phone, go to settings>about phone when you are there taping the build number for like 8 times then go back and check if the Developer option is showing
  2. Tap on the development icon and switch it on and switch to USB debugging option (Please don’t do anything else except the USB debugging)
  3. Connect Your Tecno Phantom A+ F7 or N9  to the computer and make sure the computer recognize your device and select USB storage or media device on your android device if it pops up.
  4. After your device have been recognize by your computer, the run the Eroot which you download earlier and it should display the name of your phone such as Tecno N9 or F7 just like the image above, if it does Ignore the other writings which are probably be written in Chinese
  5. A Green button will appear with ROOT, click on it and your Tecno Phantom will be rooted in a matter of 1 minute or less.
  6. After it has been rooted, to be sure go to your menu items and you will find SuperUser installed there
  7. Than all you have to do, is to restart your android phone and your Tecno Phantom A+ will be rooted.


These are what you need to do and get your Tecno Phantom A+ N9 or F7 rooted easily, so follow the instructions well to avoid any problems. I have well explained it here. Comment are welcomed. I hope you Enjoy How to Root Tecno Phantom A+ N9 or F7.
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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Umbrella double strollers

When compared with conventional strollers, the sit & stand strollers are lighter in weight and more streamlined. They're simpler to navigate in narrow spaces and fold into a decreased size for simple storage and transportation in a car trunk.

An added benefit is that some models of the sit and stand double stroller can double as a car seat. This allows for easy and suitable switch of the infant from the vehicle to the stroller. Other features include storage areas, snack trays, and cup holders. Various producers offer fasteners that can be bought separately so parents can customize the strollers according to needs.

Umbrella double strollers: Double Strollers offer the convenience of many full sized strollers, but the compact design allows them to be carried easily on public transport like bus, a train or an aero plane. The minimalist design of these on the go strollers makes it easy to fit them in constricted places but also makes them convenient and more easy to push.

Despite their compact layout, there are several variations parents can pick from. Canopy roofs that protect the children from excessive sunlight are offered by some layouts. Mesh screens enable parents to look in on the infants easily. Many styles offer a complete enclosure covers so riders can be shielded from rain or snow. Some versions include reclining seats babies can either be seated or got to lie down for a nap.
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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Leachco Again 'N Stomach Curved Body Cushion - The Greatest Cushion for Expectant Mothers

The best choice for pregnant mothers is Leachco Back'N Stomach Curved Body Cushion in case you are trying to find relaxation maybe not just in slumber throughout maternity but in addition in breastfeeding your newborn infant.

The Leachco Back'N Stomach helps for the right back and midriff simultaneously, furthermore additionally they assist to maintain your sides as the normal posture.

Nursing pillows
They aren't just good to your breathing but additionally restrict snore that frequently happen through the pregnancy, in case you invert the finishes of the human body cushion
Additionally they provide the luxuries throughout breastfeeding your infant

In the website of medication, The Leachco Back'N Stomach aids alleviate pyrosis, sciatica, gastric reflux, nasal blockage and carpal canal.

Merchandise info

They're generated from 65% cotton and 3 5% coton
Boats with pillow-case currently on cushion, situation might be taken out to the laundry
Specialized Details

Piece Fat: 7 pounds
Merchandise Measurements: 51 x 33.5 x 8.8 inches
Source: Manufactured in USA
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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

8 Shopping Tips and Tricks For The Season

It is still another fun period where people all need new laundries and all are just starting to gear their heads towards shopping. With the coming fun time, folks are now looking for gadgets and gift suggestions, furniture, clothing, appliances, toys, and more.

The Best Shopping Strategies For This Season Are below

Discount vouchers and coupon codes: Be aware of stores providing discount vouchers and coupons. During this time period, some stores stop trying to a 50% discount, with regards to the level of services and products you get.

Price comparison sites: Price comparison websites allow you to compare prices from various retailers / internet vendors. Therefore, you’ll always know which store is selling at a price, ensuring that you always get the best deal.
most of their services and products on

Watch out for promos: and clearance sales During this period, most stores offer discounted prices.

Check for reviews: It ought to be a good practice to constantly check for reviews about the shops and products and services before making a purchase – focusing on how other consumers feel about the merchandise might be a useful purchasing tool.
Photographs can be very deceiving or even the quality mightn't meet your objectives. So, save the trouble to yourself by studying the stores return policy, that is usually reported in their terms and conditions.

Free delivery: Check always for free shipping or discounts on shipping charges.

Special offers: Be cautious about auctions, specific presents and deals
Wise consumers know where you can get the best deals online, some folks are considering how exactly to start it.

Contribute to newsletters: Shops often market their specials or discounted prices within their newsletters, or even hint at future specials to look out for.
I hope you did enjoy this little guide to buying in this festive period.
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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Cheap Android Internet Data Bundle Plans

What Are The Least Expensive Internet Android Data Plans

We've always been confronted with the challenge of devoid of unlimited information strategies with high costs, In regards to accessing the web in countries such as Nigeria.

 It's obvious that Nigerian internet users who now make use of this Messenger App have been in search of the least expensive or cheap android data plans due to their activities and internet subscriptions.

Firstly, I will like you to learn the many entry points for your Nigerian Online sites providers.

MTN: The mtn systems makes use of APN as ''

GLO: 'gloflat' works for that glo community

ARITEL: Airtel community employs the '' APN.

ETISLAT: Among the smallest APN( s) out there 'etisalat.'

When I will be linking you fully set of net data plans in Nigeria It'd be wise for you to take into account the prices and data attached to the prices.

With your settings, you are able to manage the internet providers to access the internet.
Get the Best Internet Data Plans For Android Here.
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Friday, 3 May 2013

How To Check Jamb 2013 Result Online

Here is a simple guideline which you can use to check your jamb 2013 result online for free without any spending a dime, or sending a recharge card to all those scammers online.
Please note that you can check your result yourself.
It is really free and easy to do, just use the guidelines below

1. All 2013 jamb candidates are required to visit the jamb official portal @

2. When you have open the jamb 2015 official website, which will open up in another tab, use the following to check your results.

# Your PIN.
# Your Serial Number or you can use your Registration Number.

3. After that, your result will be display to you.

We are wishing you all the best.....
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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Unlimited Glo Free Browsing PC Trick Code with BIS

Wow, I bring to you latest free browsing cheat for Glo that works on PC, Android, Ipad, Smartphones and other tech devices.

How to Make GLO BIS WORK WITH PC & PHONE for free
Now, activate a Glo BIS Subscription.
For a monthly plan, send COMONTH in an SMS to 777 (costs N1400)
For a weekly plan, send COWEEK in an SMS to 777>

For PC Free Browsing BIS Cheat:
Insert Your Modem and Configure it as stated below:

 + From your Modem Software, Click on "Tools" then "Options" under which you will now select "Profile Management".

 + Under Profile Management, click on "New" and fill it as seen below

Profile Name : Glo BIS
Apn:- blackberry. net
 Access number: *99#
 IP: Leave it Empty
 PORT: Leave it Empty
 Username/Password: Leave it Empty
 + Now Save and Connect your Modem
 Enjoy this  PC Free Browsing Cheat Trick Code on Glo Network using BIS Subscription.
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